Why Buy the All Risks Cover?

Traveling is fun and exciting,but sometimes unannounced events can mar your pleasure.

Any unfortunate act including terrorism can strike without warning resulting in hospitalization, disability and even death. We at NICL are ready to provide you security on such events so that you can spend the time with peace of mind. 

NICL has tailored a very comprehensive coverage so that you are fully protected from any unforeseen mishap during you visit to Pakistan. NICL Travel Insurance Including Terrorism cover is a low cost, stand alone and self contained.

Terrorism Cover rider usually comes with Travel Insurance but due to its very high cost for travel in some parts of Asia, many travelers are deprived of its benefits. NICL, being a public sector insurance organization provides you a low cost but high benefit cover in any unfortunate event of sickness and accidental injury even if caused by an act of terrorism in our country.


Who will be covered on visit to Pakistan?

  • Government Delegates
  • Official Trade Delegates
  • Business travelers
  • Tourists
  • Categories of Cover:
    • For one week – Classic / Superior
    • For one month – Classic / Superior

Why NICL Terrorism Cover?

Internationally, this cover is mostly limited to travel within US, UK, Europe and safe countries of South East Asia. Many of the Middle Eastern countries are treated as High Risk Zones, for which limited cover is being offered and that too at very exorbitant rates of three to five times of normal premium rates.

NICL has decided to provide terrorism insurance cover of higher extent and also at competitive rates commensurate with the market for low risk in order to facilitate the foreigners coming to Pakistan which averages more than 850,000 in a year.



Benefits / Coverage.

How Much Does it Cost?

  • Brochures/proposal forms are available at our offices and also under documents below.

    Outside Pakistan (Foreign Buyer)

    • Fill in the proposal form available below and email it to [email protected]
    • Obtain a cashier cheque/ bank draft of the value of the premium as per your chosen plan for insurance cover.
    • When you reach airport of your destination in Pakistan walk upto the National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) counter in the arrival lounge.
    • Identify yourself, pay the prescribed premium and collect your policy. Or, alternatively, pay the prescribed premium through your credit card at the same counter and  collect the policy.
    • Don’t forget to ask for the claim form along with policy for convenience sake.
    • Accompanying family members can also get the cover independently.
    • In case of claim, please check the policy for exclusions.
    In case you need any information, clarification or assistance regarding your policy, you may contact us through the following,
  • Fully settle your medical bills at the hospital in Pakistan
  • Collect receipts of all payments, discharge summary/card and reports of all investigations
  • Provide all these documents to any of the NICL offices in Pakistan within 15 days of the treatment
  • If you are an invitee/official guest, pass the claim form along with supporting documents through the concerned department
  • NICL will evaluate your claim papers in the light of your insurance policy
  • Your claim will be settled within 15 days after receiving the complete documents
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