Aviation Insurance.

The aviation department provides following insurance services to the aviation industry of Pakistan:

  • It covers the aircraft itself for accidental damage or loss from whatsoever cause operating anywhere in the world subject to certain terms and conditions.

Spares/Spare Engines Insurance
  • This policy covers damage to/loss of spare parts of the aircraft/engines against all risks while they are not attached to the aircraft.

  • It covers the airlines and aircraft operators liability towards passenger for bodily injury/death and loss of or damage to their baggage caused while in the care, control and custody of the airline/aircraft operators.

  • This policy provides coverage to the airlines/aircraft operators for loss of or damage to third party property on the ground for which the airline/operators may be held legally liable.

  • This covers loss of or damage to the consignments of cargo carried by airlines. The shipper and the consignees have right of claim against the accepting or delivering carrier. This insurance also covers post office mail carried by the airlines/aircraft operators to the extent of their liability towards general public.
  • This policy provides financial security to the pilots of aircraft against permanent or temporary incapacity to fly the aircraft due to medical disability.

  • This policy provides financial security to the crew of aircraft against temporary or permanent disability to persue the flying carreer due to accident.

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